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Transport by coach


Transport by coach

Passengers who travel by coach benefit from the rights established by Regulation 181/2011.

The Regulation applies for passengers travelling with regular services (services which provide for the carriage of passengers by bus or coach at specified intervals along specified routes, passengers being picked up and set down at predetermined stopping points) where the boarding or the alighting point of the passengers is situated in the territory of a Member State and where the scheduled distance of the service is 250 km or more. Even if some clauses apply also to all services, even the short haul trips.

Among the rights established by the Regulation and applicable to all long haul trips (over 250 km) we can find:

- adequate assistance ( food and drinks and if necessary accommodation for a maximum of two nights for a total of €80 per night, except in cases of bad weather conditions or natural disasters) in case of cancellations or long delays over 90 minutes for trips longer than 3 hours;

- compensation or rerouting in case of overbooking, in case of cancellation or  delay over 120 minutes from departure time;

- refund of 50% of the ticket price after cancellation or a delay over 120 minutes from departure time,  and if the carrier is not able to offer rerouting or refund;

- information when the service is changed because of a cancellation or a delay;

- protection of passengers in case of death, personal injuries, loss or damage caused by road accidents, with particular attention to practical needs after an accident ( included the hotel accommodation for a maximum of two nights for 80€ a night):

- specific and free of charge assistance for disabled and reduced mobility people at the stations and on board and, if necessary, free transport for their escorts.


Furthermore, to all services (included short haul, less than 250 km) the following rights apply:

- non discrimination based directly or indirectly on citizenship, in terms of fares and contractual conditions;

- non discriminatory treatment against disabled and reduced mobility people and financial refund for loss or damages to the mobility equipment;

- minimum rules on trip information to all passengers before and during the trip and general information on their rights in the stations or online; when possible, this information is provided in accessible formats, to help reduced mobility people;

- a complaint handling mechanism available to all passengers;

- national independent bodies in every EU country with the duty of applying the Regulation and, if applicable, to impose sanctions.

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