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In this section information is provided on purchase of first and second-hand cars within the European Union, in particular on the procedures for the import and the legal guarantee.  

Some FAQs: 

- Is it cheaper to buy a car abroad than in Italy?

Buying a car from abroad is not always cheaper than buying it in Italy. Actually the final price should be added to the costs of travel and transport, any costs for the temporary plate etc.

- How do you register a car bought abroad in Italy?

Registration is almost identical to that of a car purchased in Italy. It is advisable to ask for detailed information about it (with particular reference to country of origin) at the Department for Transport where the vehicle will be registered.

- Have you to pay VAT for importing a car?

The VAT amount and place of payment depends on age and mileage of the vehicle. In particular, in case of new vehicle tax must be paid in the country of destination; in case of second-hand cars VAT is already included in the sale price.

- In case of warranty repairs can be made ​​in Italy?

Yes. Under Regulation 1400/2002 authorized garages are obliged to repair vehicles purchased within the European Economic Area and Switzerland, under the conditions offered in terms of commercial warranty. As regards the legal guarantee, the related rights may be enforced only against the dealer.



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