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New cars


Auto import 

It is important to carefully assess the purchase of a car, both in the internal market or cross-border, before making it. 

How to choose. If you decide to buy the car abroad a first analysis of costs and benefits is advisable. Additional costs to the final price of the vehicle are to be foreseen, such as expenses for travel and transport, administrative fullfilments etc. It is to stress that only the net price is to be considered by the consumer, as the taxes will be paid in the country of destination.    

An important information to take into account while choosing a vehicle is the European emission standards (EURO). Actually in all European Countries severe restrictions are in force as for circulation of pollutant vehicles.  

Some skills are necessary to take care of all the administrative fullfilments, e.g. foreign language skills and familiarity with files and procedures, as probably the vendor won't provide a huge support in this operations. 


Transfer to Italy 

Once the car has been bought,  different ways are available to transfer it to your country. You can:

- require a temporary plate number; it is normally linked to a temporary insurance to cover risks of circulation until the final registration. 

- transport it by private tow, a less complicated but maybe more expensive solution

- start a registration process in your country and once the number plate is issued, go and collect the car with an insurance coverage   

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