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Frequent problems


Within the car rental sector consumers often have problems after returning the car. Beside the problems that can arise during the rental ( theft, accident…) and which is important to solve before departure, most awful situations happen after the end of the rental.

In particular, the unaware consumer often finds direct debits on his credit card months after the rental. These debits are often done for damage reparation, administrative handling of fines, fee for returning the car with an empty tank…

 To avoid these bad situations it is important for the consumer to be very careful  and to act in order to prevent the arise of problems.

How to behave at the car pick up

- It is fundamental to check that the operator states the car conditions  on the vehicle statement in a clear and exhaustive way, in order to avoid the debit of reparation costs of pre-existent damages. If the car has a damage which is not mentioned in the statement, it is important to point it out immediately.

- It is necessary to check also the car equipment ( spare tyre, warning triangle…) and the compulsory documentation (  vehicle title, insurance tag…) in order to avoid problems during circulation or the debit, at the return of the car, of costs due to their lack.

- It is also important to carefully read all the contract and insurance conditions and to ask for clarifications in order to be well informed about the contract.

How to behave at the drop off of the car

- At the drop off it is important that an operator checks the vehicle has not been damaged and certifies it by signing the contract. By doing so the chances of finding debits decrease a lot.

- After the car check, it is important to cancel the pre-authorization to debit the credit card.

What to do in case of accident/ damage to the vehicle during the rental period

- In case of damages happened because of an accident ( with or without blame of the driver), it is important to describe the event as more detailed as possible and to subscribe only documents whose content is fully agreed with. This in order to avoid being obliged to sign a blame admission or to pay extra charges.

- In case of problems it is good to ask always for the intervention of the police.

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