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In terms of guarantee many things have changed during last years. The transposition of the Directive 1999/44/CE modified the Civil Code ( article 1519 bis and following) and eventually the whole topic have been put in the D.lgs 206/2005 known as the Consumption Code. The new rules create an articulated and standard framework to protect the consumers.

 Product safety is a serious issue strictly connected with national and European provisions about producer’s responsibility for damages caused by defective products. Several laws regulate this topic. Among the most important there are the Directive 2001/95/CE on general product safety and the decree n. 172, 21 may 2004, which aim to protect consumers by imposing to producers and distributors a general obligation to put only safe products on the market, by empowering the control mechanisms and by foreseeing effective sanctions.

After sale guarantee: legal and commercial guarantees


European policies and general provisions for product safety


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