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Redress sample letters

The Consumption Code ( D.lgs 206/2005) as modified by the Tourism Code ( D.lgs 79/2011) in articles 69 and followings foresees the possibility for the consumer to withdraw from the contract within 14 natural and consecutive days from the conclusion of the contract, without giving any reason.

The Tourism Code added to the Consumption Code the information form for timeshare contracts ( attachment II-bis) and the redress form ( attachment II-sexies)

 In case the consumer has not received the redress form, the period to withdraw starts when the consumer is given the form, but it expires anyhow after a year and 14 days.

In case the consumer has not received all the requested information, the redress period starts once the consumer is given the information, but it expires after 3 months and 14 days.

 To exercise the withdrawal right, the consumer informs the operator by post or email. The consumer can use the redress form, but he is not obliged to.

The exercise of this right does not have any cost for the consumer.

 Advance payments

During the redress period it is forbidden for the consumer to pay any advance payment to the operator or third parties.

The sample letter for the complaint has to filled and adapted.

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