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Study holidays

Nowadays more and more students take the chance to spend their holidays in another country to learn language and culture. The study holidays are normally sold as package travels, regulated by the related EU and national legislation, applicable in case of ill-services and issues during the stay (e.g. low quality accommodation and/or services).   

As it is for package travels, it is advisable to carefully read all the information related to the offer before undersigning the contract: the organiser and the vendor are obliged to provide you with this information, whose minimum content is described in detail by the law (pls. see Art. 37 and 38 of Legislative Decree 79/2011 s.c. Tourism Code). Any additional agreement to the basic offer has to be included in written in the contract.
At EU level  the standard EN 14804 "Language study tour providers" has been published, which provides the basic requirements for for language tour or training organisers.
In case of concrete issue, a direct complaint should be lodged to the contact person in the place of your stay; some evidence should be collected (photos, documents) in order to send a detailed complaint in written to the organiser and the vendor, within ten days from the back travel. The Tourism Code foresees also a redress for the so called "ruined holiday".     

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