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The consumer is able to verify the identity of an on line trader by different ways.

The most common on line sellers are, generally, well-kwon, so there is no doubt about their existence.

Anyway, in order to find an on line shop for the first time, you can make an online search, using different search engines, or look for the trader’s domain, by entering a website for domains registration and searching for the shop’s domain’s name. By this way, you will find out whether exists a connection between a website and a trader.

Moreover, you can carry out a cross-check, comparing website data – at “about us” section – with the data provided by the seller and making a search on the related Chamber of Commerce.

There is also another way to identify the merchant: the “digital certificate”, an electronic code containing lots of information on trader’s identity. It is issued by certificated authorities, which usually affix their logo on certificated websites. 

Payment by credit card

In order to make possible for the consumer to pay online by credit card, the seller leans against his website or a bank to carry out the economic transaction.

Nowadays, paying by credit card is almost always safe, even more if the seller leans against a bank.

Indeed, in this case, while inserting one’s personal data for the purchase, the user is automatically connected with the bank’s website, returning to trader’s website once finished his economic transaction. By this way, no one has the possibility to access to the inserted data or to the consumer’s credit card number, not even the addressee of the payment.

In case of issues with the purchase or the transaction, consumers are entitled to ask the bank for a so called chargeback, in order to be refunded of the amount paid through the credit card. 

The right to delivery within a reasonable time

Your purchase should be delivered within 30 days unless you agree otherwise with the seller.

The right to clear information

EU online sellers must give you detailed information, including their contact details, the main characteristics of the product or service and the total cost, including all taxes and delivery charges.

The 2-year guarantee

Under EU law, if the items turn out to be faulty or not as advertised, you have the same 2-year guarantee as if you had bought it in a shop (in some countries, you may have additional rights). 


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